Welcome to First Responder Psychology

Welcome to First Responder Psychology

Welcome to First Responder Psychology Welcome to First Responder Psychology Welcome to First Responder Psychology

Stephanie M. Conn, PhD

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Police Resilience

Looking for a Great Resource for a First Responder?

My book, Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel, is available on Amazon and Routledge Publishing websites. Click here to order your copy. Discounts available to departments ordering in bulk by email  orders@crcpress.com or phone 1-800-634-7064. Click here for Chapter 1.


"Written with heart, Dr. Stephanie Conn’s new book is easy to read and thoroughly researched. Dr. Conn has great credentials. She is a former law enforcement officer whose father was a cop and whose husband is a cop. This much needed positive and practical approach to strengthening resiliency in law enforcement officers also addresses challenges faced by police families, police administrators, and civilian employees."

―Ellen Kirschman, PhD, author of I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know, I Love a Fire Fighter: What the Family Needs to Know, and Counseling Cops: What Clinicians Need to Know (with Mark Kamena and Joel Fay)

"Finally, a book about enabling first responders to be resilient, not just about listing their mental health challenges and overcoming them. It should be read by all who care about first responders and their families, who are the key to resilience."

―Charles R. Figley, PhD, professor of social work and Dr. Paul Henry Kurzweg Distinguished Chair and Professor of Disaster Mental Health at Tulane University in New Orleans

"Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel is a milestone in the continued development of resilience among law enforcement officers and other first responders. Dr. Conn has provided a comprehensive discussion of resiliency and lays out a practical approach to first responder mental wellness. This book is an essential read for all first responders seeking to better manage the stressors associated with emergency services."

―Jack A. Digliani, PhD, EdD, police psychologist

"As a retired police captain and instructor on emotional survival - I found Increasing Resiliency to be of great use to any police officer. dispatcher, or first responder. The author provides great insights and offers numerous practical methods and examples of how to restore and strengthen resiliency and coping ability. This should be a must read for police employees, managers, and their families. An outstanding resource to help protect and heal those who serve." - Dan Willis, Retired Police Captain, Author of Bulletproof Spir

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Interview About My Book & Resilience Work

Oct. 2019 Interview: Keys to Building Peer Support Team

I am interviewed by Brian Willis of Winning Mind regarding building peer support teams, how to choose, train and support  your team members, avoiding the pitfalls of teams, how clinicians and chaplains fit into the team, and how to get leadership support.